A Community that Spans the Globe

One.MIT is a tribute to the MIT community, whose roots extend back 160 years - and whose impact defies measurement. We have gathered, to the best of our ability, the names of those who have passed through the Institute on their way to building a better world or who arrived here and found the place where they would conduct their life’s work.

In all, we identified more than 320,000 faculty, staff, students, and alumni from 1861 to November 2020. We formed the names of these individuals into mosaics depicting MIT’s Great Dome and the MIT Seal as symbols of the community that drives MIT to confront the questions of today and to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Whether you were part of MIT in 1870 or 1970, 1920 or 2020, you are a member of this exceptional group. Many generations, one community, One.MIT.

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A glimpse of the actual wafer fabrication